4 Books You Should Definitely Read

As I am on summer break I decided to purchase some books and “feed” my brain with some good information. I’ve always loved a book that you can learn something from and these ones were everything that I’ve needed. They teach you how to become better at what you do, how to have faith in…

Baked Peppers “Salad”

It is really simple to achieve the perfect side dish and you only need a few things. This dish is simple to make, it’s served cold and it’s perfect for hot summer days!

How To Start Losing Weight

Losing weight is kind of a big problem for a lot of people and many of us don’t know how to start. In the beginning of my weight loss journey I did do a lot of mistakes but also a lot of good things.

Forever Living – Clean 9 | My Experience

After doing the 30 day shred level 1, my eating habits were not very good. I did see the loss in cm but I was still bloated and not eating right so I decided to detox my body. I’ve tried this program before and had great results with it so I thought it will be…

Best Banana & Mango “Ice Cream”

Oh you know those hot summer days that calls for some amazing ice cream? Well, I know them and if you don’t want to buy some full of sugar and calories ice cream you should definitely try this one.

Cleaner Skin Routine

Skin is always a big problem for all of us and we all want to have it smooth, nice and without spots. I can’t really say that mine is the most problematic one but I can say that I have blackheads, some pigmentation and my monthly spots that I try to beat every single day….

30 Day Shred | Level 1

At the begining of 2017 I decided that it was time to finally lose all the weight that I’ve gained during the past 1 year and a half but as most New Year resolutions that I’ve made this one was forgotten too. That happened until I remembered about the “30 day shred” program and how…

The Perfect Poached Egg

Have you ever thought of some amazing, delicious and quick way to have your eggs in the morning? If your answer is “Yes” then, I’ve got you covered with a simple yet delicious recipe! If your answer is “No”, well, then you can still read this and maybe surprise someone with your new cooking technique!…

Summer Smoothie

If you are like me (lazy in the morning) and you prefer to do a minimal effort when it comes to preparing your breakfast, then this is the easiest and quicker breakfast you can have.